Ten ways to promote affiliate products from blogs

Ten ways to promote affiliate products from blogs
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ten ways to promote affiliate products from blogs

Ten ways to promote affiliate products from blogs

Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of time and effort at the beginning. It is a long-term process especially when you want to start promoting affiliate products from your blog. However, there are some easy tactics that generate sales from blogs and turn your blog into a serious online business. Here are ten ways to promote affiliate products from blogs:

1. Promote the Right Affiliate Products

This is so important since failing to pick the right affiliate products may lead to zero sales. Here are some tips for you to select the right affiliate products for your blogs:

  • Search on Google to find out affiliate products, which are relevant to your blog.
  • First, do some research on other successful blogs in your niche. Discover what products/services they are promoting on their blogs.
  • Join affiliate marketing networks like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, … to find promotions related to your niche.
  • Ask someone who is an expert in your niche.

Finally, do some research on those products so that you can answer your readers’ queries about the products. But I would suggest you to use the product/service before you start promoting it.

2. Insert your high-traffic posts with Affiliate Links

The quickest way to get affiliate sales is, use affiliate links on your most popular posts. Most popular posts are those posts that get huge traffic. More traffic, more sales.

3. Add other Affiliate Links to posts

You can’t write every post about affiliate product/service. But you can add relevant affiliate links on every blog post. However, whenever we mention a product name on the post, we use review post link instead of the affiliate link. This is a mistake. Because there is less chance that visitors will click on affiliate link from the review post. On the other hand, landing pages are highly optimized for conversion than your review post.

4. Write posts to solve reader’s problems

Nowadays, people use search engines to find solutions for their problems. That is why ‘How to post’ is the most popular post on the Internet. We can use ‘How to’ posts to generate traffic and sales for you.

Another type of popular post is ‘List Post’. List post can be a listof some alternatives of a popular product or a list of some of the best products. Sometimes people search for alternatives of a popular product. You can take this advantage. You can also make list posts with some best products and propose your reviews.

5. Write Honest Reviews about products

You should write a solid review of the product with your personal experience. Experience from prior people is valuable. You can ask the owner to give a free copy of the product so you can
write a review. Many product owners will give a free copy to you.

6. Share free bonus or Coupon Codes

This is the easiest way to generate affiliate sales. People love discounts. You can take this advantage by sharing coupon codes on your blog. Whenever your readers find that there are some discounts on a particular product, they will check the product. If they like it, they will buy it. They will get the discount and you will get the commission. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Utilize Banners on sidebars and headers

Every Product owner offers some awesome banners to their affiliates. These banners are optimized for higher conversion. You can add some banners on your blog. But make sure that you are not adding banners of similar products/services.

8. Add Call to Action Button

Call to Action means encourage your readers to take quick action. You can insert a call to action box at the end of your blog post. So now, pick an affiliate product which is highly related with your niche and add small box on your blog with a small description of the product.

9. Use Email Lists to promote affiliate products

You have to build an email list to get continuous sales. The best way to build an email list is to offer a free gift to your subscribers. It can be a free eBook, training course, etc. If you have not built your email list yet, you should start building your email list today. For long term, Email list can be a great way to promote affiliate products.

10. Build Trust with Readers

Building trust is the most important thing to get success in affiliate marketing. Gaining trust is not easy, it takes a lot of time. But you have to build trust with your readers to get continuous affiliate sale from your blog. Here are some tips on building trust with your readers:

  • Be helpful.
  • Don’t make everything about money.
  • Inspire your readers.
  • Build a community.

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