Seo on page checklists for beginers

Seo on page checklists for beginers
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Seo on page checklists for beginers

Seo on page checklists for beginers

Although backlinks are the most important signals that Google uses to rank a website, seo on page is also an important for Google to understand what we do in your website. It is definitely essential to perform well on-page SEO for any of our targeted keywords. To understand what to do for on page SEO, this is the SEO on page checklists for beginers:

1. Put targeted keyword at the beginning of tittle.

Google puts more weight on words found at the beginning of title tags, so it is best to place our seo keyword at the beginning of the title.

For example, if you want to seo for the keyword “bodybuilding tips” and you had two
headlines to choose from:
Headline #1: Bodybuilding Tips: 5 Strategies for gaining muscles in four weeks

Headline #2: How to gain muscles in four weeks with those Bodybuilding Tips?

The first headline would be better than the second one with the eye of Google because the targeted keyword is in the beginning of the title

2. Use images/videos/multimedia files in a post.

Images/videos or any multimedia types are not directly affect the rankings of a site, but when we includes them to our post, the reader will pay more attention and stay longer on our post. This could lead to the increase of user-interaction and lower bounce rate. The action here is to include at least 1 multimedia type (video, audio, images and lists) in all of our blog posts.

3. Use SEO-friendly URLs.

Similar to title tag and content, Google uses your URL as a clue to help them figure out the
topic of your page. Google will rank our pages higher if we make our URLs easier for them to process. Therefore, it is best to use short and meaningful URLs that contains the target keyword.

4. Use outbound links if possible.

Google expects us to be more active on the web. Hence, it is better to add at least one or two outbound links to related content on other websites. This may tell Google that we are not hoarding PageRank for ourselves alone.

5. Enhance the length of a post.

The site with longer content may rank higher than the other one. With this fact, try to write at least 1000 words for content that you are re trying to rank for competitive keywords.

6. Use Internal Links.

Internal links are important for readers to follow the content in other posts of our site. When publishing a new posts, try to link internal links with entries in the post.

7. Use alt text for images.

Google cannot understand the images but they can know the text or description of images. Try to include the keyword to alt texts of any images.


The SEO on page checklists for beginers above may be not enough for a perfect on-page seo techniques but it may cover most of the key requirements. For WordPress users, there are many plugins that support the on-page SEO such as Yoast Seo. Try to use one to improve your on page SEO

If you have any queries, please comment below. Thank you.

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