The most common mistakes about email marketing

The most common mistakes about email marketing
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most common mistakes about email marketing

The most common mistakes about email marketing

Before sharing many effective strategies and methods about Email Marketing, I hope you will not make those unexpected mistakes when conducting your Email Marketing campaign. Here is the list of the most common mistakes about Email Marketing:

1. Believe that email marketing is free.

Email marketing is not free. That means you should have a professional email software to send your emails to customers. Of course, there are many different ways and services to send an email but it is recommended to have some investment for better results.

There are lot of email services on the market: Getresponse, Mailchimp, Aweber, … Each of them has its own strong points. If you want to use free email marketing with the list of less than 2000 subscribers, Mailchimp would be your best choice. Otherwise, you want to have a premium service with many functionalities, Getresponse may be the best solution. I will have a deep analysis on those email services in another article.

2. Buy email lists.

Buying email lists is not recommended since most of the email addresses in buying lists are dead. Those are low quality email and we could be reported as spamming if we send an email without the agreement of users. No one like spamming so do not do this with others. You will never achieve your goals if you send emails to untargeted people.

3. Lack of clear strategies about content.

The content is one of the most important factors for a successful campaign. Email content is only effective when it touch customers’ heart. Most people lack of ideas to send their customers since they do not understand customers. We have to “think like our customers” to know what they want and send the correct information. Therefore, strategies are very important in email marketing in particular and Internet Marketing in general.

4. Believe that it will be effective immediately.

Any strategies or campaigns need some time to be proven. For email marketing, it generally takes about 3 months since we have to build our trust to customers before we can sell anything. So, do not give up if you fail one certain campaign.

5. Do not have systematic unification.

If you are sending unsystematic emails and each email does not have connection with others, this could be a big problems because you will lose trust to your customers. When your trust goes down, customers will mark your emails as spam or unsubscribe to your newsletters. As a result, you will lose your customer forever.

Finally, these are some most common mistakes about email marketing that should be avoided by any Online Marketers. I hope you will never make those mistakes and be more successful with your email campaign.

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