102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook

102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook
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102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook

Some people create a new fanpage on Facebook but they do not know what to share or what to maintain the engagement with their fanpage members. The idea is to post regularly, at least once a day to keep our fan more focused to our page. So, don’t let your page stagnate for weeks or even, days. This is the summary of 102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook that you could use for your business:

1. Share content from your blog to your Facebook page. You can either automate this using a plugin like …… or
do it manually.
2. Share attractive, high-resolution photos. Choose photos that your customers would relate to, connect with and
want to share on their own walls.
3. Ask questions with the 5 W’s and one H – what, when why, where and how.
4. Ask questions with multiple-choice answers.
5. Ask close-ended or Yes/No questions.
6. Ask True or False questions.
7. Provide solutions, tips and ideas to use your products or services.
8. Offer a freebie just for Facebook fans.
9. Offer regular specials only for fans.
10. Host a regular contest. Remember to use a third-party application to set it up and not run the contest directly
on your wall.
11. Share news relevant to your industry.
12. Share news that is interesting and trending.
13. Relate posts to current events and happenings.
14. Promote and post about “Most Popular Fan or Commenter”. Fans love being acknowledged and recognized.
15. Answer questions, as soon as possible.
16. Acknowledge fan interaction to your posts. A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.
17. Offer people information that they’ll value. Facts, statistics, trends about your industry or product.
18. Take fans on an inside photo tour of your office, factory or warehouse.
19. Introduce fans to your team. Even if it is just you and your kids, show them a photo or two of all of you at
20. Share trivia about your team members.
21. Share interesting pins from Pinterest.
22. Share a photo of something that is funny, interesting, thought-provoking, sweet. Ask fans to caption it.
23. Share a photo of a place you’ve traveled to. Ask fans to guess the location or share a piece of trivia from it.
24. Write up and share daily tips or quotes to inspire and encourage your fans. For instance, if you have a cloth
diapering business, sharing a cloth diapering tip every day is bound to be helpful and looked forward to.
25. Share a view or statement and ask your audience to ‘like’ if they agree or disagree.
26. Ask fans to tag their own pages or pages of other businesses they admire and follow.
27. Conduct a poll or survey using either Facebook’s poll feature or something better, like Survey Monkey.
28. Ask readers to share their favorite product from your store. If you’re a service provider, ask them to share
which package or service they’d like the most.
29. Help fans understand how to use your products or services.
30. Make it easy for fans to buy from your FB page. Set up a store using an application like ecWid.
31. Focus on your branding. Share posts that are related to your brand yet interesting and engaging. A coffee shop
for instance, can share recipe posts and trivia while inviting fans to do the same.
32. Share snippets of upcoming projects or new product launches.
33. Have an ‘Ask the Experts’ day where each week, on the same day, you invite an expert to answer fan
34. Have a call to action in your posts. Readers like to know what to do. Do you want them to click, ‘like’, ask
35. Post photos of your products and ask readers to choose their favorites.
36. Pair status updates with photos that match.
37. Link and share posts and articles from around the blogosphere to inspire and encourage readers.
38. Have a Business Toolbox or Resource Day where you share other relevant businesses and ask fans to do the
39. Invite fans to share their opinions and ideas on current industry issues.
40. Share FAQs.
41. Host an event on Facebook and invite fans to spread the word about it.
42. Attend an event on Facebook and tell fans about it or better still, if its open-entry, invite them to it.
43. Reward the most frequent commenter with a discount coupon or a special prize.
44. Always keep your posts fun and interesting but also professional and relevant.
45. Share a funny post card or a joke every other day.
46. Share book or movie reviews and ask fans for their opinions.
47. Share a limited time offer on a product or service.
48. Ask fans to upload photos relevant to your niche. For instance, if you have a car detailing business, ask them
to upload photos of their cars or maybe, their dream cars and describe what detailing they’d like the most.
49. Share where you’re going during the day.
50. Ask fans where they would be going during the day.
51. Share what projects you’ll be working on.
52. Ask readers what they will be working on.
53. Ask people what products or services would they like to see you offer.
54. Share a quote from someone you know and admire. Better still, share a tip or idea from a popular industry
leader’s blog or newsletter and link to them.
55. Do short how-to tutorials, video, photo or written.
56. Share an interesting and engaging welcome video.
57. Ask readers to share they how-tos related to your product or service. Write up a Top 10 or Best Of list, add a
visual to it using Picmonkey and share it.
58. Write up a ‘Why I Love… list related to anything – your business, your place of residence, your Facebook
fans and share it.
59. Write up a “My Ideal…” list and share it. Ask fans to do the same.
60. Write up a “10 Things to Avoid When..” list and share it.
61. Create an infographic relevant to your product or service and share it.
62. Share useful tools you use in your business. If they’re physical tools, share photos of them and ask fans to
guess what they are.
63. Share your must-read website or online resources.
64. Share a list of Do’s and Don’ts about your product or service.
65. Go down memory lane and share early business days with fans.
66. Share the vision and mission behind your business.
67. Share clubs and groups that you’re a part of.
68. Ask fans which clubs and groups, online and offline, they’re a member of and why.
69. Share TV shows or movies relevant to your business.
70. Ask fans about their favorite shows or movies or quotes from them.
71. Ask fans to upload photos of them using your product.
72. Share a photo of a customer using your product.
73. Share a cartoon relevant to your business or industry.
74. Share an excerpt for a book or eBook you’re reading and ask fans for their opinion on it.
75. Share links to your other social media profiles and give fans good reasons to join you there.
76. Share links to your newsletter and offer them incentives for signing up.
77. Interview a fellow business owner or even, a team member and share the video.
78. Post photos of your latest trip or holiday with the family. Just make sure they’re appropriate.
79. Share information about deals on either your own products/services or something that is relevant to your
product or service.
80. Share testimonials from customers or clients.
81. Support a fundraiser and share information about it.
82. Ask fans about their favorite charity.
83. Support a fellow business owner and do some cross-promotion.
84. Run a contest in partnership with other business owners where each one of you promotes the contest to their
85. Run a series of status updates around a particular topic. For instance, you can have a series of updates related
to healthy eating for kids, sharing a mix of tips, news articles, blog posts and graphics.
86. Re-post or ‘share’ something that someone else shared on their Facebook wall.
87. Post Fill-in-the Blanks.
88. Talk about Facebook and how it helps your business.
89. Ask fans why they like Facebook.
90. Have a ‘Celebrate the Day’ post that highlights what a particular day or date is known for.
91. Ask an either/or question. Better still, share a photo and ask an either/or question.
92. Post pop quizzes on your product or service. Ask readers to visit the website for answers.
93. Have live discussions with fans via status updates. You’ll have to choose the right time and promote it in
advance, but it can be a great way of engaging and learning what fans want.
94. Celebrate milestones, either in your business or on your page. For instance, completing 2 years in business?
Give fans a 20% discount. Or reaching 2000 fans on Facebook? Offer them a BOGO deal.
95. Start a 30-day challenge or a Weekly Check-in. For instance, 30 Days to An Organized Home is a great
challenge for a personal organizer’s fan page.
96. Share the visuals related to your business – ad banners, flyers, business cards.
97. De-bunk myths related to your business or industry.
98. Share the Top 10 myths surrounding your industry and ask fans to weigh in on them.
99. Highlight unusual ways to use your product or services.
100. Create and share a music video exclusively on your page or if that is too much work, share a favorite music
video every week.
101. Each day as you post, ask yourself “WHY” your fans would want to come back to your page. Let that guide
you to make your updates interesting and relevant.
102. Ask your fans for feedback. Find out what would they like to see you offer, sell, give to them.

With those 102 posting ideas for fanpage on facebook, I hope use can have more ideas to share with your fans. Thank you.

(Source: Prerna Malik & Mayank Malik)


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